Product management and marketing are two of the most misunderstood functions in a company. Dilbert jokes that marketing is just liquor and guessing. According to one training firm, they can make you an expert product manager by attending their two-day seminar. Who knew it could be this easy? Well it’s not. There are many challenges and obstacles in the way of performing these jobs at the highest level and generating the best results.

Product management and marketing are essential functions in identifying opportunities and defining the value delivery systems that will create customers and lead to profitable growth. In this blog, I will share thoughts on the practical side of responsibilities, tools and desired outcomes. I won’t go too deep or too theoretical into any one subject. For example, I won’t discuss the intricacies of forecasting time series with complex seasonal patterns using exponential smoothing. There are plenty of other resources you can use to get into the details of a particular subject.

I’ll focus on the basics and how they all the pieces fit together. Alignment, balance and information sharing are just as important as doing the individual tasks well. Together, we’ll explore how to create superior value, not how to sell your latest technology. I hope you’ll share your thoughts on the upcoming posts.

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